Are you considering an inspection before buying a new house or renovating? It is a great idea and a smart investment for your peace of mind. Also, an inspection will make it easier to get financing from your bank. Thanks to our professional services, from basement to attic, whether it be insulation, roofing, windows, ventilation, plumbing or the electrical system, every detail will be checked so that you are provided with an accurate residential “check-up”.

About us

Inspection MVP has over 30 years’ experience in residential inspection, in more than 10,000 projects: preventive inspections, new house purchases, investment and renovations.

Well-known for our impeccable service, incredible client relations, honesty and quality reports, Inspection MVP enjoys a great reputation among builders, real estate brokers, mortgage advisers and homebuyers. With Inspection MVP, you’ll be sure that your residential inspection will be done meticulously, thanks to a team of qualified, dedicated and certified professionals. Inspection MVP: the best way to get an accurate picture of the house you’re about to buy, sell or renovate.

Our experience

– Trainer (building inspection at Cité collégiale)
– Architectural technologist
– Site supervisor
– Construction cost estimator
– Project manager
– 10,000 inspections in 30 years

Code of ethics

We are part of the National Building Inspectors and Experts Association. We always apply our code of ethics, in order to offer you the quality of services you deserve so that we can build a relation of trust. By complying with our code of ethics, we take care of you, and we take care of our reputation. Everyone wins!


Construction techniques and materials evolve quickly every year. Construction standards also change, as do electrical systems and insulation standards. That is why we get annual training sessions, so that we can provide you with the most up-to-date and professional services. We do everything we can to provide impeccable home inspection services, because you deserve the best!

Choosing Inspection MVP

Why choose our home inspection services

You don’t know the past of your dream home: its history, how it was built, whether weather damage occurred, or if regular maintenance has been done. Is there something behind the doors, or secrets hidden in its roof or foundation?
Inspection MVP and its team of professionals have all the required experience and tools to conduct a comprehensive inspection so that you have the necessary information, before buying or selling a house, making renovations or investing.

Report and pictures

Following inspection, Inspection MVP will provide you with a detailed (written) report and pictures of the inspected building (on a CD).
Our detailed report includes:
– Digital photos (to support recommendations)
– Explanation of potential problems
– Details of corrections necessary

House inspection services – Overview
– External foundation
– Building envelope
– Doors and windows
– Roofing
– Heating
– Plumbing
– Electricity
– Ventilation
– Insulation
– Quality of past maintenance work


We know how busy life can be. That’s why we can adapt to your schedule when providing inspection services. In addition, we deliver a detailed report within 48 hours of the inspection.

Take advantage of our support

We’re available 24/7 to answer all your questions regarding home buying/selling process, investment or residential renovations.

Our services

While conducting an inspection, Inspection MVP collects information on the condition of the property, for preventive or corrective maintenance, and/or building safety, allowing you to make the best real estate decision possible.
Our inspector does a visual inspection of all external components of the house: roofing, flashing, chimney, gutter, downspout, wall surfaces, windows, doors, foundation and ground level around the house.
Inside the house, our inspector checks the following components: electricity, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, insulation, flooring, ceiling, walls, doors and windows.
While our inspectors can provide you with approximate repair costs, based on their professional experience, it is strongly recommended that you ask for three different bids from competent construction contractors before proceeding to correct problems or defects uncovered during an inspection.

Our inspection options

– Pre-purchase inspection
– Pre-sale inspection
– Infrared inspection (thermal)
– Maintenance inspection
– Partial inspection
– Renovation follow-up
– Construction follow-up

We serve the following regions and cities